Office Relocations

Whether relocating a multi-storey office with 1000s of employees or simply moving a few staff into a new area of your existing building, Comtec are the experts. Our ethos of mitigating risk and maximising operational efficiency echoes through our entire project process from pre-move planning to post-move support, giving our clients piece of mind in the knowledge that whatever the requirement, Comtec can deliver a project that exceed expectations.

We appreciate that the IT and telecommunications systems are the lifeblood of your organisation, so our experts will work with your internal IT department and/or your suppliers to ensure a seamless move and minimise the disruption to your business. A structured and experienced approach is used for every office IT relocation regardless of size. You can be assured that Comtec has the experience and technical knowledge to create a relocation plan just for your situation.

In many organisations, IT departments do not have the experience and/or the resource to ensure that the additional requirements of relocation are met. In these instances our project managers can recognise the areas requiring support and organise our teams accordingly. This ensures your organisation’s IT department or supplier can continue to meet their on-going responsibilities without impacting on their service levels. Otherwise the risk of service disruption may rise, which could impact the business negatively.


Comtec’s Office IT Relocations service supports the following features:

  • Dedicated Prince2 project manager
  • Development of a comprehensive agreed plan for your office move, which will include:

  • Asset management
  • Tagging all equipment to show its position in the new office
  • Drawing up a floor/desk plans for the new office
  • De-installing and re-installing all equipment
  • Creating a test login for all workstations to provide testing after re-install
  • Provide specialist IT removal equipment where necessary, including:

  • Robot lifters, stair walkers, specialist IT crates and antistatic packaging
  • Qualified IT, network and voice expertise:

  • To de-install, re-install, test equipment and reconfigure were necessary
  • To provide documentation control and change management
  • To support relocation of workstations, servers, printers, network equipment and security
  • Risk assessment
  • Secure storage where required
  • Fully insured and indemnified


Comtec can offer both private and public sector organisations many advantages including:-

  • The professionalism and expertise of one of the largest IT relocation specialists.
  • Flexible fully managed relocation service organisation which can address the smallest internal IT move to the largest and complex IT relocation projects
  • Accredited IT, network and voice engineers ensuring your relocation is dealt with by professionals with the right skill sets
  • We liaise with suppliers, service providers and architects to ensure your move is completed professionally and on time
  • Minimise disruption to staff and customers through overnight, weekend or staged moves over a specific timeframe
  • Augment your IT relocation (where required) with design & build services for comms rooms, server rooms and data centres or reconfiguration service. See how here
  • Help you to support any carbon reduction commitments with IT energy efficiency guidance or the supply of efficient power and cooling infrastructure for comms room/server room


Let Comtec help you address your office IT relocation and you can achieve the following benefits and peace of mind:

  • Minimal downtime through agreed pre-defined service level agreement.
  • Successful delivery through comprehensive planning.
  • Security of assets by keeping track of inventories during your move.
  • Adequate resourcing to remove the burden of IT relocation.
  • Product warranties maintained to ensure SLAs and product warranties are not violated through removing and reinstalling equipment.
  • Support sustainable businesses through the disposal of redundant equipment in an environmentally responsible way and support of any carbon reduction commitments.