Device & Critical Environment Cleaning

Although having your business critical data centre equipment properly cleaned regularly may not seem like the highest priority when it comes to maintenance, it is an unnerving fact that 65% of equipment failures are caused by contaminants resulting in overheating or short circuits.

As such, many manufacturers recommend regular decontamination in order to maintain warrantee compliance.

Comtec have the staff, knowledge and tools to ensure that your business is as safe as possible from the risk of hardware failure due to contamination whilst at the same time ensuring that your equipment is running at maximum efficiency.

As many of our clients find that they need to re-address their device cleaning multiple times every year as well as services such as cable management and asset management. Comtec have designed a Data Centre Housekeeping package to address these three services in one cost-effective project, click here to learn more about DC Housekeeping.


• Live environment physical cleaning (room, equipment and racks)
• ISO 14644-1 Certification (once room meets requirements)
• Fully trained, security cleared technicians
• Air sampling and testing
• Photographic record of before and after Health and Safety report


Let Comtec help you address your critical environment cleaning and your business can achieve the following benefits:
• Minimise risk of critical equipment failure by ensuring unrestricted airflow and minimising electrostatic discharge
• Save money on energy expenditure by maximising power consumption, avoiding thermal clogging
• Maintain warrantees as many manufacturers warrantees can be deemed void if an environment doesn’t meet certain standards