About Us

Comtec Enterprises is an ICT solutions company that specialises in enabling secure, converged IP communications for UK organisations.

We provide comprehensive consultancy, implementation and support services that complement products from the world’s best-of-breed technology vendors.

Since 1994 Comtec Enterprises has worked in the corporate environment, applying our investments in technical and consultancy skills to find solutions that meet individual business challenges.

Our experienced and highly qualified people can advise on any aspect of your voice, data, network video, relocation or security requirements in a totally independent fashion.

We believe passionately in delivering a valuable, customer-orientated service, and this is the foundation of our success. Back in November 2006, Deloitte named Comtec Enterprises the fastest growing technology company in the South East of England, and ranked 18th in EMEA. We have since been ranked by Deloitte three times in a row!

Within Comtec Enterprises, we also operate a dedicated datacentre eco-structure business – Comtec Power.

Customer commitment

Precious resources dictate that organisations must concentrate on their core business competencies in order to compete and prosper in today’s dynamic market environment. Avoiding distractions will benefit profits and growth opportunities alike.

To help you focus on what you do best, we provide our customers with opportunities to take advantage of the latest advances in IP communications, finding solutions to their problems rather than simply providing technology for technology’s sake.

Whether your requirements concern the improvement of voice, data, network video, relocation or security processes, we can advise, supply, install and support industry-leading solutions to deliver real competitive advantage.

Technology is our domain, and we are committed to making it work for you.

Whatever your organisation’s objectives, we have experienced and highly qualified consultants and engineers available to advise on your short and long term technology goals and the best fit for your business strategy.

We take time to understand your business needs thoroughly. Comtec’s success is based on our dedication to building close working relationships with all of our clients, and our technology partners.