IT Recycling & Disposal

In January 2007 the UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) was launched with the aim of minimising the impact of electrical and electronic equipment on the environment by increasing reuse and recycling, thus reducing the amount of equipment going to landfill.

Comtec’s IT recycling & Disposal service makes it easy for our customers to comply with this legislation by providing a fully accredited and licenced service with guaranteed 100% data destruction to HMG InFoSec 5 standards, ensuring that your business’s information is safe.

Our dedicated recycling and disposal process is fully audited and tracked from the moment of collection and reported to our customers with certification of data destruction and correct disposal procedures.


• Fully reported, barcode tracked process for every item
• Guaranteed 100% data destruction to HMG InFoSec 5 standards
• WEEE certification provided
• Onsite and offsite shredding
• Asset value recovery (money back) for equipment


Let Comtec help you address your IT recycling & disposal and your business can achieve the following benefits:
• WEEE compliance with certificates of destruction provided, showing that your business does it’s part for the environment
• Recover asset value once we have securely destroyed the data on your equipment, we may be able to give you money back for it
• Data security has been a major issue for many public sector and financial organisations, we can guarantee and provide certification of secure data destruction to UK military standards (InFoSec)