Asset Management

Many businesses that have their own data centre, comms room or use colocation will have some kind of asset list or rack plan detailing the position and characteristics of each device in each rack, in each location. If they do not, then they will find it difficult to make any changes to their infrastructure or respond to issues with individual devices.

For those businesses that do have rack plans and assets lists. Over a period of time these become inaccurate and eventually completely obsolete (often without anyone at the business noticing until it is too late). This has many causes, the most obvious being human error (e.g staff forgetting to update assets lists when replacing or moving equipment).

Comtec can provide a regular and professional update to your asset management information as often as required which will give your business an accurate and understandable point of reference for any changes that they are planning or emergencies that need to be reacted to.

As many of our clients find that they need to re-address their asset management multiple times every year as well as services such as cable management and equipment cleaning. Comtec have designed a Data Centre Housekeeping package to address these three services in one cost-effective project, click here to learn more about DC Housekeeping.


• No downtime required
• Information captured to suit your preferences
• Presented in any format required
• Visio diagrams of racks and associated devices in each location
• Photographic records
• Device and rack labelling
• Fully qualified Prince2 project managers and IT/data centre engineers with manufacturer’s certifications


Let Comtec help you address your asset management and you can achieve the following benefits:
• Faster response to issues and hardware failure, ensuring that you know where to find individual pieces of equipment and their configuration
• Easy upgrades through being able to direct staff and third parties to the correct devices accurately
• Successful delivery through comprehensive planning, project management, risk assessment and contingency planning. Being prepared, having detailed documentation and work plans, communications, strong project management are all crucial to this success.