Cable Management

The art of good cable management is far more than simply making your environment look tidy. At Comtec we truly understand the value of good cable management to your business in both data centre and office environments.

Our key objectives are to ensure that your critical equipment can run with minimal risk of failure, maximum energy & network efficiency, ease of access and health & safety compliance.

There are many variations of cable management techniques and our engineers will adhere to whichever approach our clients chose to take, whether it be using cable management arms, horizontal or vertical D-rings, or you can just ask for our advice on the solution that would best suit your requirements and we will supply & install to your specification.

As many of our clients find that they need to re-address their cable management multiple times every year as well as services such as asset management and equipment cleaning. Comtec have designed a Data Centre Housekeeping package to address these three services in one cost-effective project, click here to learn more about DC Housekeeping.


  • Downtime service level agreements
  • • Cable colour coding
    • Cable testing & replacement
    • Wireless network installation
    • Before & after photographs
    • Comprehensive planning and risk assessment
    • Cable labelling
    • Supply & install of cable management product
    • Fully qualified Prince2 project managers and IT/data centre engineers with manufacturer’s certifications
    • Fully insured and indemnified – Complete risk management


    Let Comtec help you address your cable management and you can achieve the following benefits:
    • Conserve energy by ensuring that your cable management allows for maximum airflow through your equipment, improving efficiency.
    • Reduce hardware failure through improved airflow, reducing heat retention in components thus minimising the risk of overheating. And identifying potentially faulty cables before they fail.
    • Easier access to equipment being relocated, upgraded or configured
    • Respond faster to hardware issues, minimising the impact on your business.
    • Successful delivery through comprehensive planning, project management, risk assessment and contingency planning. Being prepared, having detailed documentation and work plans, communications, strong project management are all crucial to this success.